What Is For A Better Tomorrow?

For A Better Tomorrow is a group of passionate and philanthropic global citizens and donors who seek to improve the lives of individuals and children by providing grants to projects and programs aimed at improving the dignity and independence of humanity around the world. Those who support the mission become supporters and advocates of the organization.

For A Better Tomorrow Beneficiaries

  • The For A Better Tomorrow beneficiaries are individuals and organizations who seek financial support from donors, supporters and advocates who support the Organization’s philanthropic mission and look to make a positive impact in the world.
  • Donors are actively involved in selecting the focus for the grants and in monitoring the progress and success of the grant projects.

Goals & Opportunities

  • To improve quality of life of impoverished souls in the world
  • To encourage healthy development of individuals and children
  • To educate and increase awareness of the needs of unprivileged individuals and children
  • To expand philanthropic support to organizations that do grassroots level work in countries around the world

For A Better Tomorrow Contributions

  • Gifts are used for grant making to organizations and individuals that benefit individuals and children around the world.
  • Funds help in the present and future needs

Positive Impact
The more we grow, the more we can do!

Accountable Philanthropy through Service and Leadership